Burkina Faso: US Ambassador tested positive to coronavirus; cases in Africa jump to 1662

US ambassador to Burkina Faso has tested positive to the Coronavirus and announced the isolation of the mission staff diagnosed with the disease, Anadolu news agency reports.

“I received a positive test for COVID-19,” Andrew Young said on Twitter.

The West African country has confirmed 99 cases, including 4 members of the cabinet namely education minister; territorial administration minister; foreign minister; and mining minister.

It also reported as of Sunday 5 deaths among whom a top lawmaker.

Total number of confirmed cases in Africa stands as of this Monday at 1662 and 47 fatalities. South Africa is the worst hit country in the continent with over 400 cases.

Mot African countries have adopted measures to curb contaminations, closing air, maritime and land borders, imposing curfews or total confinement of the populations.

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