Libyan Envoy delivers message from Speaker of Tobruk-based Parliament to King Mohammed VI

Speaker of the Tobruk-based House of Representatives, Aquila Saleh, has addressed a message to King Mohammed VI.

The message was handed to Moroccan Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Libyan east-based government, Abdelhadi Lahouij, at a meeting Friday in Rabat.

In a statement to the media after the meeting, the envoy of the speaker of the Libyan parliament commended “the support, farsightedness and leadership” of King Mohammed VI at the regional, African and international levels.

“We are convinced that Morocco, thanks to the leadership of HM King Mohammed VI, is capable of playing a leading role in the resolution of the Libyan crisis,” Abdelhadi Lahouij said.

“We intend to persevere on the path of dialogue,” he said, adding “brotherly Morocco is capable of playing a vanguard role in resolving the Libyan crisis.”

He said his meeting with the Moroccan Foreign Minister is part of efforts to find a lasting solution to the Libyan crisis. And this is, in itself, a message to the international community that “we are advocates of peace and dialogue and we extend our hand to all like-minded people in order to put an end to chaos, within a framework of national harmony, backed by an equitable distribution of wealth.”

Abdelhadi Lahouij also pointed out that Libya wants to benefit from Morocco’s experience in the field of reconciliation, recalling that the Equity and Reconciliation Commission has made it possible for the Kingdom to address the  past human rights violations.

“Morocco, which also boasts an equally vast experience in crisis resolution, has no other interest than the security and stability of Libya,” Abdelhadi Lahouij underscored, saying he deeply believes “in the pre-eminence of the Maghreb space for the resolution of the Libyan crisis.

“It is in this sense that I always talk about the Moroccan and African approach to the resolution of the Libyan crisis,” Abdelhadi Lahouij said.

The envoy said that his meeting with Nasser Bourita also focused on the creation of a Morocco-Libyan economic forum.

Abdelhadi Lahouij and Nasser Bourita met on January 29 in Brazzaville during the 8th high-level session of the African Union Committee on Libya. The Congolese capital will host a new meeting of this mechanism on March 12, another opportunity for the two men to meet again.

The Speaker of the Khalifa Haftar-backed Parliament, Aquila Saleh, had visited Morocco in April 2019.

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