Moroccan authorities catch 7 tons of cannabis on Mauritanian borders

Moroccan authorities foiled a smuggling attempt of 7 tons of cannabis resin (locally known as chira) as Morocco tightens grips of all sorts of trafficking on its southernmost border crossing of Guerguarate.


The banned substance was concealed in a large truck bound to Sub-Saharan markets, the Moroccan police said in a statement.


According to the International Narcotics Control Board, Morocco seized in 2018 nearly 72 tons of cannabis resin, as well as of 252 tons of majoun, a consumable product consisting mostly of cannabis but that can also include other drugs, along with poppy seeds and other foodstuff.


In June 2019, Moroccan authorities reported the seizure of 12 tons of cannabis and 800 kg of cannabis resin. Another operation carried out two weeks later led to the seizure of 600 kg of cannabis found in sewage pipes in Taghbalt, the anti-narcotics board said in its 2019 annual report.

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