Ethiopia: 29 injured in a bomb attack

Ethiopia: 29 injured in a bomb attack

Some 29 people were injured in a bomb attack on Sunday in the town of Ambo (100 km west of Addis Ababa). The attack targeted a rally staged in support of the party of Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

“The bombing of a Dr Abiy rally left 29 people injured, 28 of whom were treated and sent home,” a police official told the Ethiopian News Agency.


Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed was not participating in the rally, organized by officials from the city of Ambo, the agency said, adding that six people were arrested.


On Friday, a senior security official in the town of Burayu in Oromia regional state was killed in an attack.


Oromia police have promised to track down those responsible for the assassination of Solomon Tadesse, head of the Burayu municipal administration and security service. Three people, including two police officers, were injured in the attack.

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