Russia Looks at Morocco, Turkey to Replace Chinese Food Imports

Russia Looks at Morocco, Turkey to Replace Chinese Food Imports

The outbreak of coronavirus in China casts a shadow on its imports as many countries, including Russia, seek alternatives after the virus hit hard economic activity in Wuhan.

Moscow may import fruit, vegetable, and seafood products from Morocco or Turkey, replacing imports from China due to coronavirus outbreak, an official said.

“Vegetables, fruits and seafood make up the basis of Chinese food exports to Russia […] At the moment, the falling volumes [of food products] can easily be replaced by supplies from other countries, such as Morocco and Turkey,” Dmitry Vostrikov, head of Russia’s Food Products Manufacturers told TASS news agency.

Many countries have suspended their imports from China following the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus.
According to Vostrikov, a total of 453,000 tons of vegetables worth $370 million were imported from China in the first 11 months of 2019.

The novel coronavirus, so named because under the microscope it resembles a crown, or corona in Latin, has affected up to Saturday nearly 35,000 persons, 6000 of whom in severe condition, and claimed 724 lives.

The virus, which originated in Wuhan, is said to have been transmitted to humans from animals, particularly bats.

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