e-commerce: La Poste Maroc, French Geopost Set up “Chrono Diali”

e-commerce: La Poste Maroc, French Geopost Set up “Chrono Diali”

La Poste Maroc, Morocco’s largest mail and parcels company, has partnered with “Geopost”, a subsidiary of French group La Poste, to set up a joint venture specializing in e-commerce parcels delivery throughout the Kingdom.

The creation of the new operator “Chrono Diali” has received approval of the Moroccan authorities. La Poste Maroc holds 51 pc of the joint venture’s capital.

The new platform will benefit from Geopost’s experience in e-commerce parcel distribution and gain an important share in the rapidly growing e-commerce market.

Morocco has Africa’s second highest internet penetration rate, which contributed to the expansion of e-commerce industry.

The shopping habits of Moroccans are changing thanks to the proliferation of attractive offers with express deliveries.

E-commerce offers shoppers a wide variety of products, better prices, discounts… With its global access to markets, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, this sector allowed retailers to increase their turnover and reduce their costs.

Morocco-based Hmizate website is one of the key players in the market. It has launched many special sales events (Black Friday, Mobile Week, Ramadan special) to compete against international retailers.

Internet payment systems such as PayPal are available. Google and Bain & Company predict that online sales in the MENA region are to grow by 28% every year through 2022, which would result in an increase in revenues from $8.3 billion in 2017 to $28.5 billion.

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