No Coronavirus Case Registered in Morocco

No Coronavirus Case Registered in Morocco

Morocco’s health ministry reassured again that no coronavirus has been registered in the country where screening and monitoring measures have been put in place.

Only seasonal flu cases were registered so far in the country, the health ministry said while advising citizens to adopt precautionary measures by avoiding exposures to people with respiratory symptoms and washing hands frequently while cover their mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing.

Morocco, upon order from King Mohammed VI, will repatriate about 100 Moroccans, mostly students from Wuhan, the heart of the coronavirus outbreak.

According to news outlet, the Moroccans’ repatriation will take place on a specially chartered RAM flight, which will leave Casablanca airport on Friday January 31, and return to Morocco on Sunday February 2.

Morocco started screening passengers at its international ports and airports to avert the spread of the virus and took measures to prepare its health services to deal with any potential infection.

According to figures released on Thursday, 170 lost their lives due to the infection and most of the 6000+ new coronavirus cases are in China, while just 1 per cent, or 68 cases, have been recorded to date in 15 other countries.

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