David T. Fischer Takes up his Position as New US Ambassador to Morocco

David T. Fischer has taken up his position in Rabat as new US ambassador to Morocco and handed this Wednesday a copy of his credentials to Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita.

According to local website Le360, the new ambassador will shortly hand his credentials to King Mohammed VI, along several other newly appointed ambassadors to Morocco, including that of France Hélène Le Gal.
David T. Fisher, confirmed by the US Senate as the new ambassador to Morocco, in December, is succeeding Dwight Lamar Bush, who served in the North African Kingdom from 2014 to 2017.

The nomination process took several months in the foreign relations committee of the Republican-dominated Senate.

During his confirmation hearing at the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee in August 2018, the nominee had pointed out that Morocco is a bridge to Africa, to the Middle East, and to the Muslim world, and the USA-Morocco friendship and continued economic, political, and security collaboration are vital and must be strengthened.

“Building a strong relationship with King Mohammed VI will be paramount as we strengthen our collaboration from a foundation of trust”, he had said.

“With my business background, I appreciate the tremendous opportunities for trade, as exports from the U.S. to Morocco have tripled in recent years”, he had said, adding the North African Kingdom is also a gateway for US companies to enter other markets.

The nominee had also pointed out that Washington and Rabat stand firm in advancing religious freedom and rooting out violent extremism, describing Morocco as “an active and capable partner” of the USA.

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