Laâyoune Police Foil Smuggling of €460,000

The vigilance of Laayoune police elements allowed the arrest of an individual with a suitcase full of euro banknotes. This individual, in an irregular situation in Morocco, is allegedly involved in illicit currency transfer.

The national of a neighboring African country was arrested in the city of Laâyoune, reported this Thursday local Al Akhbar daily, without revealing the nationality of the individual nor the date of his arrest.

The police, alerted by the suspicious behavior of the individual, submitted him to a thorough search that led to the discovery among his belongings of a suitcase packed with €125,000. The investigations carried out by the elements of the judicial police of the city of Laayoune allowed the discovery of another amount of €335,000 that was concealed by a relative of the individual, the daily said.

The individual, who turned out to be illegally staying in Morocco, was placed in police custody, pending the completion of the investigation.

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