Libya: GNA to complain to Moscow over presence of Russian fighters on Haftar’s side

UN-backed Government of National Accord, GNA, said Thursday, it will present a list of Russian mercenaries who are allegedly combating alongside Khalifa Haftar whose forces have been trying to capture Tripoli.

The GNA, according to Khaled al-Meshri, the head of the Tripoli-based government’s Supreme Council of State, is compiling the list of the Russian fighters who arrived in the North African country through a private security contractor, the Wagner Group.

“We are going to visit Russia after we collect all evidence and present to the authorities and see what they say,” the Libyan official told the Associated Press.

Libyan authorities have documented between 600 to 800 Russian fighters spotted in various battlegrounds, on the side of Haftar.

The retired general launched early April a surprise offensive to seize the Libyan capital controlled by the GNA and its loyalists.

Late last month, the US complained to Haftar about the presence of the Russian mercenaries alongside his army.

Haftar had made several trips to Moscow where he met top Russian officials. The East-based military commander also receives support from Egypt and the UAE.

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