Morocco launches Action Plan to combat exploitation of children for begging

Morocco launches Action Plan to combat exploitation of children for begging

The Moroccan government launched Wednesday a comprehensive national action plan to fight forced child begging. This inclusive plan, which outlaws the use of children as begging props, will be tested in the cities of Rabat, Temara and Salé before it is expanded to other regions of the North African country.

The plan lays emphasis on the role of family and NGOs in the protection of children from abusers and traffickers. It insists on the child’s legal protection, urgent medical & psychological care, social reintegration, rehabilitation, training, education…

In accordance with the provisions stipulated in the Constitution of 2011, the Moroccan government has adopted a program to protect children against all forms of violence, neglect, abuse, violence and exploitation.

This program, backed by the parliament, civil society and private sector, puts children’s rights at the heart of socioeconomic development. Sustained efforts are also made in the country to promote the education of girls and underprivileged children.

Morocco is among the signatories of the UN convention on the Rights of the child. The Convention empowers all children with inalienable, indivisible rights regardless of their background or circumstances. It lays the responsibility to realize children’s rights on duty bearers, including families and caregivers who must protect children, enable them to grow, learn, play, develop and flourish with dignity.

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