GFP: Morocco, 7th most powerful army in Africa

GFP: Morocco, 7th most powerful army in Africa

The 2019 Global Fire Power (GFP) index has rated the kingdom of Morocco the 7th most powerful army in Africa and 61st globally. However, the kingdom lost six positions compared to the 2018 rankings when it ranked 55th.

The GFP index assesses nations’ potential war-making capability based on more than 50 factors, including resources; manpower; finances; geography; and the country’s naval, land, and air forces.

Out of 137 countries appearing on the ranking, Morocco boasts an army personnel estimated at 346,000 including 196,000 active personnel.

The North African country also exhibits an airpower made of a total of 291 aircraft, placing it at the 35th position around the world. The air force includes 61 fighter jets and 61 attack aircraft. It possesses 113 helicopters.

On the ground, Royal Moroccan Armed Forces have in their stable, 1,109 tanks, 2,720 armored fighting vehicles, 530 self-propelled artillery, 190 Towed artillery and 72 rocket projectors.

The navy, according to the 2019 ranking, possesses 121 vessels including 3 frigates, 4 corvettes, and 81 patrol vessels.

The military budget of the kingdom stands at $3.4 billion.

The African ranking is dominated by Egypt (12th globally), Algeria (27th), South Africa (32nd), Nigeria (44th), Ethiopia (47th), and Angola (58th).

The global rating is dominated by the US, Russia, China, India and France.

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