Mohammed VI Polytechnic University, OCP & Fertinagro Biotech pool efforts for Sustainable farming

Mohammed VI Polytechnic University and OCP Group have signed lately an agreement with Fertinagro Biotech, a company of the Térvalis Group (Spain), to develop sustainable solutions for the development of African and world agriculture and livestock.

The agreement will involve the training of researchers who will seek and develop innovation projects in fields such as sustainability and development, based on actions that promote the circular economy and, at the same time, lead to a well-being for the environment and sustainability.

Mohammed VI Polytechnic University stands out for being very focused on Research and Development and is leading the way in new technologies, while the company Fertinagro Biotech, belonging to the Térvalis Group, is a global reference in sustainable research and development, focused on research in agronomic solutions that benefit the planet.

The objective of this agreement, through which the three partners materialize a unique cooperation to promote knowledge without barriers for Agriculture, is promoting the training of professionals who develop their activity from companies that stand out for developing sustainable solutions for Africa, Europe and for the world.

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