WPC: Total urges states to take action in CO2 reduction

WPC: Total urges states to take action in CO2 reduction

French oil giant Total Monday called on leaders of the world to introduce policies to address CO2 emission as major polluters are state-run oil and gas companies.

The World Policy Conference (WPC) held Monday a plenary session under the theme “Climate and the environment” moderated by former French Prime Minister and foreign minister Laurent Fabius.

Part of the panel, CEO of Total Patrick Pouyanne first rejected the pollution blame squarely put on oil and gas companies.

“80 per cent of the world oil production is done by public companies,” he said adding that states have the power to influence them.

Total boss also indicated his company has pledged to reduce by 15 per cent its CO2 emissions by 2030. He advised the gathering made of high profile figures from states to private companies and universities to stop logging forests and increase awareness on renewable energies as solutions to reduce the CO2 emissions.

Echoing him, Laurent Fabius, who was the chairman of the COP21 summit held in Paris in 2015, said CO2 emissions have become more alarming than ever.

The French official who now heads the French Constitutional Council complained that 2°C target has not been met. On the contrary, the graph is showing an increase in global warming.

Laurent Fabius said that the international community must triple its efforts to reduce CO2 emissions. The objective of the Paris Agreement is to keep global temperature rise well below 2° C above pre-industrial levels, or even target 1.5° C, but recent scientific research shows that warming is accelerating to exceed the strictest target set by 2040.

“CO2 emissions could reach an increase of 4° C, or even 6 to 7° C, which will have apocalyptic consequences. It is time for all actors to get involved to avoid climate chaos,” Fabius warned.

The 195 countries, which signed the Paris agreement pledged to reduce global CO2 emission and limit the temperature rise from global warming to under 2°C.

However, the agreement received a blow as US President Donald Trump ripped it off after taking office in 2016.

Brazil, Russia and Argentina have refused the deal.

Kicked off on October 12, WPC, which was at its 12th edition, aims to contribute to the promotion of a more open, prosperous and just world, which implies a permanent effort to understand the reality of the forces involved and their interactions, and to reflect on the peaceful adaptation of the organization of interstate relations at all levels, in the respect of the culture and the fundamental interests of each nation.

It also offers a space for reflection and dialogue around the major issues of global governance, while allowing the development of lasting links.

Since its inception in 2008, it is the fourth time that Marrakech hosted the conference after 2009, 2010 and 2017.

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