Tindouf Camps: NGO IL Cenacolo Decries Extrajudicial Executions of Sahrawis in Algeria

Tindouf Camps: NGO IL Cenacolo Decries Extrajudicial Executions of Sahrawis in Algeria

Il Cenacolo, a nongovernmental organization, has denounced the extrajudicial executions, including politically motivated killings of sahrawis in south-west Algeria by state security forces.

In a written statement submitted to the UN Human Rights Council, which is convening its 42nd session (Sept.9-27) in Geneva, the Italian NGO expressed deep concern over persistent violations of human rights in Tindouf camps, Southern Algeria, saying unlawful extrajudicial killings are perpetrated with “the knowledge and direct participation of Algerian authorities against Sahrawis”.

IL Cenacolo also says that its findings regarding many cases of extrajudicial killings against Sahrawis showed the involvement of Algerian law enforcement and the dysfunctional UNHCR protection mandate in this country.

“The many arbitrary executions indicate the systematic character of these violations committed mainly by the Algerian army”, stresses the Italian Human rights Watchdog in its statement.

There has been an increase in attacks targeting young Sahrawis, adds the European NGO, noting that the number of killings has soared dramatically with impunity. It gives details of some worrying incidences of extrajudicial killings perpetrated by Algerian security forces in and around Tindouf camps wherein no investigations had been carried out.

IL Cenacolo cites in this regard the cases of Yesslem Ahmedouha Khandoud, Larabas Abderrahman Yehdih, Brahim Salek Breika, Hafdallah Abdou Ahmed Beibout, Mohamed Ould Khatri Ould El Ouali, Bara Mohamed Brahim, Mohamed Aliene Beih… who were all shot dead by Algerian army.

According to the Italian NGO, all these young Sahrawis were killed while looking for new circuits of survival and alternative economic responses to the critical humanitarian situation inside the camps resulting from the diversion of humanitarian aids by Polisario and the besieging imposed on the camps by the Algerian army.

“We are gravely concerned of the Algerian authorities’ apparent unwillingness to halt the impunity that accompany human rights violations perpetrated against Sahrawis in Tindouf Camps”, says the NGO.

It also decries the blockade imposed by the Algerian army against Sahrawis held inside the Tindouf camps, deprived of their right to freedom of movement and of the rights to access to justice, employment, and other fundamental freedoms enshrined in international human rights treaties.

The Italian NGO called on the UNHRC to hold the government of Algeria accountable for its international responsibilities to protect all individuals on its territory.

It also urged the UNHCR to investigate all cases of extrajudicial killings of Sahrawis in Algeria, protect witnesses, victims, their family members and take necessary measures to disclose the burial places.

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