Moroccan energy efficiency project wins €20 million financing

Moroccan energy efficiency project wins €20 million financing

A Moroccan energy efficiency project has been selected in an international competition to receive a €20 million funding from the NAMA Facility.

The Moroccan project, Integration of energy efficiency in the building sector, has received a €20 million fund from the Nama Facility, an international climate finance program that seeks to encourage ambitious action on climate change.

Commenting on the win, Minister of National Territorial Development and Urban Planning Abdelahad Fassi Fehri said the selection of the Moroccan project confirms the Kingdom’s “pioneering” role in the fight against greenhouse gas emissions and climate change.

“Morocco is strongly committed, in accordance with the guidelines of King Mohammed VI, to a worldwide movement to fight global warming and limit greenhouse gas emissions,” the minister said, noting that “this commitment is manifested in various ways and has become extensive since Morocco hosted COP22 in 2016.

The Moroccan project was chosen following a selection and evaluation process of projects by NAMA experts and representatives of donor bodies or countries at an international competition, said Fassi Fehri, pointing out that this project was carried out in partnership with the ministry of Energy and Mining and Al Omrane Group.


According to the Ministry of National Territorial Development and Urban Planning, the building sector is “one of the major energy-consuming areas in Morocco, representing 33% of the final energy consumption.”

Morocco suggested the national energy efficiency strategy to achieve energy savings of around 20% through “better use of energy in all areas.”

The ministry added that the integration of energy efficiency in construction is “one of the levers that will help meet the kingdom’s energy challenges and achieve its objectives in the fight against climate change.”

Within the context of the Paris Agreement and the commitment to limit global temperature rise to below two degrees Celsius, the NAMA Facility finances innovative and transformational greenhouse gas mitigation projects in developing countries and emerging economies across the world.

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