Moroccan Armed Forces Acquire New Anti-Drone System

Moroccan Armed Forces Acquire New Anti-Drone System

Morocco’s Royal Armed Forces have acquired from a Ukrainian firm, the highly effective Bukovel AD system, known worldwide for its high performance in the fight against drones.

This new system will allow the FAR to annihilate any threat of drones, noted the Website FAR-Maroc, which disclosed the news.

Moroccan air defense is being strengthened with the acquisition, from the Ukrainian firm PROXIMUS, of the early warning system for UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicle), an aircraft without a human pilot on board known as a drone.

According to FAR-Morocco, specialized in defense matters, Bukovel AD is considered one of the most modern anti-drone defense systems.

In addition to early detection of enemy drones, this system completely blocks GPS control channels.

The official website of the Ukrainian firm, points out that “Bukovel AD is a system aimed at early detection of approaching enemy’s UAVs and full blocking of data and GPS/GLONASS control channels.”

In addition to scrambling the GPS control channels, “the system also generates a series of false management signals that significantly increase overall performance,” the firm explains, adding that “Bukovel AD effective range reaches 10-15 kilometers which makes it ideal for military or civil infrastructure facilities protection in combat environment.”

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