Morocco/Military Service: 1st Group of Draftees Starts Training Sept.1

Morocco/Military Service: 1st Group of Draftees Starts Training Sept.1

After the mandatory military service has been reinstated in Morocco, the first group of young conscripts will start their one-year training September 1.

Only 15,000 draftees out of the 25,000 called up will be enlisted after undergoing a series of physical and medical tests starting August 19, according to local media.

To ensure success to this operation, the Royal Armed Forces have mobilized all their human, material and logistic resources.

Last year, at the opening of the parliamentary fall session, King Mohammed stressed the importance of military service for the youths, saying the conscription “enhances the sense of belonging to the homeland”.

In his speech before the members of both Houses of Parliament, the Sovereign said the service will concern all Moroccans, without distinction. The draft “gives access to training which opens up opportunities for the professional and social integration of qualified conscripts who demonstrate a sense of responsibility and commitment”, underlined the Monarch.

In 2018, Morocco reinstates the military service, abandoned since 2006.

The goal is to inculcate the spirit of patriotism in young people. At the end of the 12-month training period, the draftees who complete the service will receive payment matching their ranks and diplomas.

The draftees with technical and professional skills may be called to fulfill specific missions within the military administration after completing their training.

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