Brazil turns down Ankara’s extradition request of outlawed Hizmet member

Brazil’s Supreme Court Tuesday dealt a blow to Turkey after it ruled out Ankara’s demand for the extradition of a member of the Hizmet organization, outlawed by Turkish authorities for its alleged terror traits.

Ankara submitted an extradition demand for Ali Sipahi, a businessman and owner of restaurants in Sao Paulo. Sipahi is member of Hizmet, an Islamic organization founded by President Tayyip Erdogan’s opponent, US-based Turkish cleric Fethullah Gulen.

Turkish authorities have blacklisted the organization and also launched a war on its members around the world including Gulen himself whom Erdogan believed masterminded a failed military coup in 2016.

Justice Edson Fachin of the Brazilian top court in statement said Turkey did not provide enough evidence Sipahi will be given fair trial at home.

“There is no assurance that the extradited person would be ensured an impartial trial by an independent judge,” he stressed.

According to local media, the ruling received full backing from all members of the second chamber of the court.

Turkey is seeking extradition of 10 Turkish believed members of the organization that boasts a 300-people membership.

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