Sahara: Morocco’s King Renews Strong Commitment to Political Process under Exclusive Aegis of UN

Sahara: Morocco’s King Renews Strong Commitment to Political Process under Exclusive Aegis of UN

King Mohammed VI has affirmed that Morocco “remains resolutely and earnestly committed to the political process (for the settlement of the Sahara issue), under the exclusive aegis of the United Nations Organization”.


Addressing the Nation on Monday on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of his enthronement, the Monarch said the celebration of the Throne Day is an opportunity to reiterate “our unwavering commitment to the Moroccanness of the Sahara, to our national unity and territorial integrity, and to full sovereignty over every inch of the Kingdom’s territory”.

He also expressed his satisfaction over the achievements accomplished by the North African country at the United Nations, and at African and European levels. Yet, “we need to remain mobilized across the board to consolidate these achievements and face up the plots of our adversaries”, underlined the King.


Morocco has always been clear in its fundamental convictions, explained the Monarch in the Throne speech, affirming that “the way to achieve the desired settlement can be none other than through Moroccan full sovereignty and within the framework of the autonomy initiative”.


King Mohammed VI availed this opportunity to reaffirm Morocco’s sincere commitment to the policy of the outstretched hand towards Algerian brothers, out of loyalty to the bonds rooted in brotherhood, religion, language and neighborliness that have always existed between the peoples of the two sister neighboring countries.


“This was shown recently by the sincere and spontaneous manifestations of friendliness and support expressed by Morocco – its King and its people – for the Algerian national football team at the African Cup of Nations held in our sister country, Egypt”, said the Sovereign.


Moroccans shared in the Algerian people’s joy and pride when their national team deservedly won the Cup, underlined the King, saying that this makes him upbeat and hopeful that “we can work for the fulfilment of Maghreb peoples’ aspirations for unity, complementarity and integration.

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