Morocco’s regionalization plan at heart of King’s new authority concept

Morocco’s regionalization plan at heart of King’s new authority concept

The new concept of authority laid down by King Mohammed VI since he took the reign in 1999 has underpinned all reforms launched in Morocco in the last two decades.

The new authority concept paved the way for political and administrative reforms that put Morocco on track to meet the aspirations of citizens and address the challenges of the 21st century.

Strengthening democratic practices was at the heart of the reforms spearheaded by the Monarch along with advanced regionalization plan to bring the administration closer to citizens.

The regionalization plan where the Sahara region features prominently was a landmark in that regards with Morocco now having twelve regions with elected presidents governing the day- to-day affairs of regions within the framework of national solidarity and unity.

King Mohammed VI has on multiple times voiced determination to step up reforms related to local government and to the implementation of the flagship project of advanced regionalization.

This landmark undertaking is “a key institutional achievement. It illustrates my unwavering commitment (…) to seeing a quantum leap in the reform and modernization of our institutions”, said the Moroccan Sovereign in a message in 2017 addressed to the 2nd parliamentary forum of regions convened in Rabat, Morocco’s capital city.

“It is gratifying to note, today, that the legal framework for the implementation of advanced regionalization is all but completed, and that local elected officials are already working hard to give concrete substance to the advanced regionalization process”, added the Monarch in his message.

Such a gigantic project requires the involvement of a vast array of actors as well as the commitment of the nation’s forces and society as a whole, explained the Monarch.

The regions should make their own contributions so as to remedy the failings of the current model, reduce regional disparities and inequalities and move forward purposefully and resolutely on the path towards social justice, underlined the Monarch.

Each region should be able to develop its own vision, provided the latter is consistent with the national development model, he added, urging local elected officials to get deeply involved in the issues relating to young Moroccans, keen to participate in community life and aspiring to dignity and betterment.

“The problems young Moroccans are facing today can be resolved only at the local level – in their neighborhood, their commune or their city”, said the Moroccan Sovereign, noting that solutions must be tailored locally to address the problems young people are facing.

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