Plight of children forced by Polisario to become soldiers

Plight of children forced by Polisario to become soldiers

The Polisario has long indoctrinated children and took them to indoctrination camps where they have been trained to become soldiers against their will in a blatant human rights violation.

This breach of the rights of children to education and healthy development was denounced once again in Geneva before the international community which is asked more than ever to put an end to such a degrading and inhuman treatment inflicted on innocent children.

In this respect, a sit-in was held by an alliance of Moroccan Sahraouis in Europe dubbed “White Dove” on the sidelines of the 41st Human Rights Council session.

The protesters denounced the inhuman treatment endured by Sahraoui children under the yoke of Polisario militiamen within the Algerian territory.

Children instead of going to schools and learning about lofty values they instead are forced to learn to handle firearms and undergo military training by the Polisario militiamen who show no consideration for the children’s age and development needs.

The Polisario has been for long lambasted by international rights organizations for indoctrinating children. The Algeria-backed separatists have also separated children from their families to be sent for communist military training in Cuba since the 1970s.

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