Egypt: Student entrepreneurial festival

alex-bankAlex Bank-Intesa San Paolo witnessed the March Entrepreneurs Festival and was impressed with the potentials showcased by the participants and their proposed projects. The festival which was held at the KEY Career Development Centre office was hosted by the Egyptian Junior Business Association (EJB) in cooperation with community service and environmental development organizations from several colleges and universities.
The conference hosted a number of prominent businessmen and young entrepreneurs, such as Rania Azb, founder of the PR4 Public Relations firm, Hisham Heiba, president of the Board of Directors of Orbis Investment & Capital, and Mahmud Khateb, Managing Director of B Tech, who gave speeches on the challenges facing businessmen in today’s market.
Students were given the opportunity to interact with successful businessmen in order to learn the secrets of business. The businessmen shared information and techniques on business administration. Several workshops and open forums aimed at developing and polishing the entrepreneurial skills of the participants were also held. Self employment through the creation of a small business was highly discussed. How best to launch and when to launch a small business were topics of several social and economic workshops.
At the end of the festival, two projects from each university were chosen by the Alex Bank-Intesa San Paolo to receive cash prizes.
On behalf of Alex Bank-Intesa San Paolo, Basil Rahmi who serves as the president of the bank’s Retail Banking Sector and Small and Mid-Level Projects office said that they were “keen on overseeing all aspects of the festival in order to provide our nation’s youth with the required knowledge and skills necessary to prepare them for Egypt’s marketplace, specifically in the small business sector, whose development will help solidify and strengthen the country’s economy as a whole”.

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