Morocco Takes part in Summit of Two Shores of Mediterranean

Morocco Takes part in Summit of Two Shores of Mediterranean

Morocco is taking part in the Summit of the two shores of the Mediterranean region, convening in the French city of Marseille June 23-24.


The Summit, consisting of both a meeting of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the Western Mediterranean and a regional dialogue with prominent civil society representatives, seeks to foster a pragmatic regional socio-political exchange in order to showcase and launch specific projects that support human, economic and sustainable development in the region.


Foreign minister Nasser Bourita is representing the North African Kingdom in this two-day gathering opened by French top diplomat Jean-Yves le Drian.

The summit, an initiative of French President Emmanuel Macron, brings together foreign ministers from 10 Mediterranean countries and representatives from 100 civil society groups, which have presented over 200 projects to meet the needs of the region.


The summit is part of the 5+5 Dialogue, which includes five countries from the southern shore of the Mediterranean (Algeria, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco and Tunisia) and five countries from the northern shore (France, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Spain).


The European Union and Germany, as well as pan-Mediterranean organizations and international economic organizations present in the region, are involved in this initiative.

According to the French Foreign Ministry, civil society must be fully involved in defining a new and positive agenda for the Mediterranean region.


Ahead of the Marseille gathering, Western Mediterranean civil society groups from north and south worked for three months on developing tangible solutions for the region.


This event sought to gather valuable insights of youth, civil society representatives as well as non-state actors from across the region on current challenges in the Mediterranean.


hey focused on Mediterranean partnership for the sustainable energy transition, green development, youth & education mobility, economic integration between the two Mediterranean shores, shared growth…


The Foreign ministers of the 5+5 Dialogue signed on Sunday in Marseille the “Commitments for a new ambition in the Mediterranean” in order to implement the projects put forward by the civil society and provide a collective response to the common challenges in the Mediterranean.

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