French Schneider to create an Africa-based mini-grid industry

French Schneider to create an Africa-based mini-grid industry

France-based power company Schneider Electric has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Nigeria-based EM-ONE Energy Solution to build an industrial platform and create an indigenous manufacturing supply chain across the continent.

The agreement aims to support Schneider Electric in optimizing project structuring; supporting the development of an industrial platform and ensure licensed manufacturing, the company said.

The French giant plans to sign similar deals with other engineering procurement and construction companies to implement the same model across the continent.

According to Paul-Francois Cattier, Schneider Electric Director of Economic Development for Africa and Middle-East region, the potential for electrification is huge, not only in the context of rural electrification but also for companies wishing to have their own reliable electricity network, such as banks and their networks of agencies, distributors, food factories, data centers or even electricity suppliers, operating with generators.

“We need to help them support their current supply with mini-grid systems,” he said.

Last year Schneider Electric launched an initiative with the objective of creating a continental supply chain of mini-grids, rather than importing them from other countries.

Apart from the electrification of rural areas, Schneider has engaged in a number of ground-breaking projects across the continent. Since 2015, the company has been empowering aspiring entrepreneurs through business management courses and opportunities to join Schneider Electric Retail network.

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