Gambia Seeks Moroccan King’s Support for Hosting OIC Summit 2022

Gambia Seeks Moroccan King’s Support for Hosting OIC Summit 2022

The Republic of Gambia is seeking the support of King Mohammed VI for its bid to host the summit of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in 2022.

To this end, President Adama Barrow sent to Rabat his top diplomat Mamadou Tangara carrying a personal message for the Moroccan sovereign.

The Gambian envoy was received on Monday by Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita to whom he handed the presidential message destined for the Moroccan Monarch.

Speaking to journalists after his meeting with Bourita, Mr. Mamadou Tangara said the message requests Morocco’s support for hosting the OIC summit.

“In principle, Gambia should host this summit next November but given the current situation and constraints, we asked that the turn of the Gambia be postponed till 2022 in a bid to prepare it well”, said the Gambian Foreign Minister.

“We seek the support of HM King Mohammed VI on this matter” he added, expressing his country’s gratitude to Morocco for its unconditional support and Gambia’s willingness to work jointly with the North African Kingdom.

The Gambian government backs Morocco on fundamental issues, especially the Sahara issue, underlined Mr. Mamadou Tangara, affirming that his country’s stand has not changed since independence.

He also praised Morocco’s noteworthy actions carried out in the African continent and the positive role it plays at the African Union, hailing the African policy advocated by King Mohammed VI for the sake of African people.

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