Morocco to reap 61 mln quintals of cereals in 2019

Morocco to reap 61 mln quintals of cereals in 2019

Morocco braces for a cereals yield of 61 million quintals in 2019, that is 19% less than an average year, said the agriculture ministry noting the sugar beetroot harvest will be good standing at 70 tons per hectares.

Rainfall was 11% less compared to an average year and 23% less compared to last year, the agriculture ministry said in a statement.

Three thirds of rainfall took place in the beginning of the season while some regions witnessed no rain in the start, undermining the cereals yield.

Overall, 4.7 million hectares were sowed, as Morocco will have a production of 35 million quintals of soft wheat, 13.3 million quintals of hard wheat and 12.5 million quintals of barley.

Some 65% of production is concentrated in the three regions of Fes-Meknes, Rabat-Sale-Kenitra and greater Casablanca.

Production of sugar beetroot however will reach 70 tons per hectare thanks to technical advancement employed in cultivated areas.

Dam filling rate reached 60% auguring well for plantations of olives, citrus fruits and dates.

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