Libya: Protestors in Tripoli demand release of Gaddafi-era Spy Chief

Libya: Protestors in Tripoli demand release of Gaddafi-era Spy Chief

Several people Saturday demonstrated in capital Tripoli demanding the release of former leader Muammar Gaddafi’s chief spy noting that the liberation of the latter will contribute to national reconciliation.

Several dozen relatives and members of Magerha tribe held placards demanding the release of Abdullah Al-Senussi, one of theirs. He was sentenced in 2015 on multiple charges including his role in the crackdown on the revolution that deposed longtime ruler Gaddafi.

Senussi has been in prison along several members of Gaddafi’s close entourage, also condemned for their role in the crackdown.

One of Gaddafi’s brothers-in-law, Senussi fled to Mauritania following the fall of the autocratic regime. He was handed over to Libya authorities in September 2012.

The protestors pinned their demand on medical grounds. They also held placards reading “Freedom to prisoners. Yes to national reconciliation.”

Libyan authorities have not released details on Senussi’s health conditions.

Libya has descended into chaos following Gaddafi’s removal. The country has been under the control of two different administrations: the UN-backed Government of National Accord (GNA) headquartered in Tripoli and its rival in the east.

Efforts to reconcile the country have failed but last week the UN said it will hold a reconciliation conference in April to pave the way for elections later in the year.

The Saturday demonstrations came following the release of Gaddafi’s foreign chief spy Abuzeid Dorda, more than one month ago, report say.

Dorda, who was also sentenced in 2015 alongside Senussi, has been released on health grounds.

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