Migration: EU Looks Forward to Enhancing Partnership with Morocco

Migration: EU Looks Forward to Enhancing Partnership with Morocco

The European commission has praised Morocco’s migration policy and the actions made by the North African country in this field, voicing EU desire to foster further partnership with Morocco.


“I would like to commend Morocco for its actions and assure Rabat of our support”, said on Wednesday Commissioner for Migration, Home Affairs and Citizenship, Dimitris Avramopoulos.


“We look forward to developing a closer, deeper and more ambitious partnership with Morocco”, he added in his speech on progress made under the European Agenda on Migration.


He also called for increasing the European financial assistance to Morocco. “This begins by completing the implementation of the €140 million support package for Morocco that focuses on improving their border management capacity”, underlined the European Commissioner for Migration.


“We need to strengthen our relationship with Morocco”, said Mr. Avramopoulos, hailing the sustained efforts made by Moroccan authorities to strengthen control of the country’s border and prevent a large number of irregular departures.

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