King Mohammed VI closely follows plans to revamp vocational training

King Mohammed VI closely follows plans to revamp vocational training

King Mohmmed VI has attached utmost priority to revamping the vocational training offer in order to be adapted to the labor market requirement and equip the Moroccan youth with skills that would help them easily find jobs.

After two previous similar meetings, the King has chaired Thursday a working session on the program to upgrade vocational training during which he called for a realistic approach that responds to the requirements of the labor market and the national economy.

In a speech in August, the King had stressed that further attention needed to be given to vocational training at all levels, and to creating a new generation of centers for the vocational training of young people, keeping in mind current needs as well as the particularities and expectations of each region.

Later, at the opening of the Parliament’s fall session (Oct.12), the King insisted on the need “to work on creating more bridges and links between vocational training programs and general education courses within a unified, integrated system.

There should also be a balance between theoretical training, on the one hand, and practical, workplace training, on the other.”

In October last year, the King dismissed Larbi Benckheikh, Secretary of State in charge of vocational training and former Director General of the Vocational Training Institute (OFPPT) for falling short of achieving the sector’s objectives.

The job was assigned to Loubna Tricha who has been tasked with revamping the country’s vocational training in a way that fits into job market needs.

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