Uganda: $200 million to boost Solar Power production

Uganda: $200 million to boost Solar Power production

Uganda’s Xsabo Power Limited, which has constructed a new 24 MW solar power park in conjunction with the Uganda Electricity Transmission Company, said it plans to invest $200 million in the generation of solar power to boost the energy sector of the East African nation.

According to Xsabo’s Managing Director and CEO, David Alobo, the company plans to implement projects in Soroti (50 MW), Mubende (50 MW), Kasese (20 MW), and Lira (10 MW). The development work in Mubende is expected to commence in April this year followed up with Soroti and others, he said.

Alobo assured that households surrounding the projects will benefit through land compensation and free electricity connectivity to the nearby schools and health centers.

Sector analysts say the completion of these solar power projects will make a tangible contribution to increasing the country’s installed electricity generation capacity that stood at 955 MW (hydropower, thermo) as at the end of last year amidst growing demand from domestic and commercial consumers.

Simon D’Ujanga, the state minister for energy and mineral development, said the country will have 120 MW of solar energy connected to the National Grid as at the end of this year.

As a reminder, Uganda has commissioned the construction of two mega hydropower dams at Karuma (600 MW) and Isimba (183 MW) which are also expected to push the country’s energy pool to over 1,600 MW.

Research reveals that by 2030, 700 million people across sub-Saharan Africa will be living without access to electricity.

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