Mohamed Benalilou, Morocco’s New Ombudsman

Mohamed Benalilou, Morocco’s New Ombudsman

King Mohammed VI on Thursday named Mohamed Benalilou, a magistrate, as the Kingdom’s Ombudsman.

The King recalled, during the appointment ceremony, the role of the Ombudsman Institution, as an independent authority that strives to enshrine rights and end injustices, and particularly to preserve the rights of citizens in their relations with the administration, a statement by the Royal office said.

He also recalled that the institution’s role consists in rendering justice to citizens when subjected to any kind of abuse, under the rule of law and within the framework of the consolidation of the principles of justice and equity.

The Sovereign urged the new Ombudsman to carry on efforts to consolidate the achievements made, while ensuring the full implementation of the powers of this institution both with regard to mediation and rapprochement procedures and with regard to proposing legal resorts. He also urged the institution to foster public awareness about its role and powers and its interaction with complainants.

King Mohammed VI also called on the Institution to continue its contribution to upholding the principles of the rule of law, transparency and good governance in the management of public services and the moralization of public life. He likewise urged the institution to publish recommendations aimed at guaranteeing the equality of citizens before the law and the administration and improving the quality of services provided by public institutions, state services and local authorities.

Mohamed Benalilou, born in 1975, is holder of a Masters degree in law. He is currently director of the administrative and training center of the Supreme Council of the Judiciary. He practiced at the Tangier First Instance Court, the former Special Court of Justice and the Rabat Court of Appeal.
He held several positions at the Justice Ministry from 2012 to 2018, including that of counsellor on Criminal Policy.

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