Morocco, Mauritania Poised to Boost Partnership in Energy Field

Morocco, Mauritania Poised to Boost Partnership in Energy Field

Mauritanian capital Nouakchott is hosting this week a business forum aimed at boosting Mauritanian-Moroccan partnership in the energy field.

The forum, held under the auspices of the Pan-African Confederation of Electricity (CAFELEC), is co-organized by the Moroccan Federation of Electricity, Electronics and Renewable Energies (FENELEC Morocco) and the Mauritanian Electricity Company (SOMELEC).

The forum featured a seminar as well as B to B meetings between the 21 Moroccan companies present in Nouakchott and their Mauritanian peers.

Chairman of the Mauritanian-Moroccan Business Council, Ahmed ould Hamza, an industrialist and former mayor of Nouakchott, hailed as very positive the momentum witnessed lately in bilateral economic relations. He said strengthening business relationships is likely to speed up political rapprochement.

Morocco’s ambassador to Mauritania, Hamid Chabar, welcomed, the intensification of relations between Mauritanian and Moroccan operators in the area of energy, which, he described, as a cross-cutting element in all economic performance.

Morocco has been helping Mauritania, which is diversifying its resources by investing in renewable energy, to harness the full potential of its extensive renewable energy resources.

Although there is a wide-range of renewable energy technologies that are currently being deployed in Mauritania, the country currently lacks the know-how and human capital needed to support the continued growth of this new economic sector.

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