King Mohammed VI Hails Sheikh Zayed’s Contributions to Moroccan-Emirati Ties & Arab Unity

King Mohammed VI Hails Sheikh Zayed’s Contributions to Moroccan-Emirati Ties & Arab Unity

King Mohammed VI has paid tribute to the wisdom and clear-sightedness of late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, founder of the United Arab Emirates, who “contributed to consolidating not only Moroccan-Emirati bonds, but also the unity and solidarity between Arab countries”.

In a message addressed to a conference held in Rabat on “Sheikh Zayed and his role in building relations between the United Arab Emirates and Morocco”, the King said relations between Morocco and the UAE are steeped in history.

Recalling that the foundations of this longstanding relationship were laid by the late King Hassan II and Sheikh Zayed, the Sovereign said “my venerable father once said that whenever he wanted to describe relations between the Moroccan people and the people of the UAE, he could not find in the dictionary a more fitting description than that of brotherly, most cordial relations. He went on to say that the two peoples were like twins, separated only by geography”.

“Morocco, its King and people have the highest regard for this illustrious leader and his esteemed royal family, whose members have remained ever faithful to the brotherly bonds of loyalty uniting them to my family as well as to the Kingdom of Morocco”, underlined the Monarch in his message that was read out by Prince Moulay Rachid.

Guided by a firm belief in a common destiny and the need for solidarity between Arab countries, the leaders of the two nations worked with dedication and goodwill to provide the conditions for the promotion of bilateral and joint Arab action in order to rise to the challenges facing our peoples, said King Mohammed VI.

Late Sheikh Zayed built the UAE. Thanks to the development and prosperity which ensued, he turned the concept of unity from a mere dream into reality, added the Monarch.

King Mohammed VI who praised Sheikh Zayed’s active role in the creation of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), recalled that at the same time, King Hassan II “ was seeking to build the Maghreb Union because it was a strategic choice and a popular demand. The aim was to achieve comprehensive development, integration and complementarity”.

“This attests to the wisdom and foresight which characterized the two leaders, who also shared a firm belief in unity, legitimacy, dialogue and commitment to upholding just Arab and Islamic causes”, stressed the King, noting that “continuing our joint action today to promote these exemplary relations is the best way to show loyalty to the special relationship that existed between Sheikh Zayed and Hassan II – may God bless their souls”.

The Moroccan Monarch availed this opportunity to reiterate his high esteem to Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, and to Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan. He also voiced his strong desire to remain committed to the same course of action, for the mutual benefit of the two peoples.

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