King’s Participation in Armistice Day Commemoration Highlights Moroccan-French Long-lasting Friendship

King’s Participation in Armistice Day Commemoration Highlights Moroccan-French Long-lasting Friendship

The attendance of King Mohammed VI of the 100th anniversary of the Armistice Day in Paris is another facet of the enduring ties of friendship between Morocco and France and a tribute to the Moroccan soldiers who have fallen at World War I in Europe and elsewhere defending the cause of Freedom.

Through his participation in this event, the Monarch, who is accompanied by Crown Prince Moulay El Hassan, is also sending a strong message stressing Morocco’s attachment to world peace and stability.

The ceremony is also an occasion to pay tribute to the soldiers who lost their lives in the battlefield defending the lofty values of freedom.

The Moroccan soldiers in particular have cemented a shared history with France, which they defended with heroism on European battlefields. They were about 40,000 Moroccan soldiers who fought alongside the allies in WWI and later in WWII against the Nazis.

The Moroccan contingent included the most decorated soldiers in WWI for their courage and abnegation.

The Moroccan French solidarity was also manifested in the aftermath of WWI when Morocco sent 34,000 workers to help rebuild France as well as tons of foodstuffs in humanitarian assistance.

The heroic participation of Moroccan soldiers in all the major battles of WWI was highlighted at a recent conference held at Charles De Gaulle Foundation in Paris, part of the commemoration of the Armistice.

Participants underlined the heroic positions adopted by Morocco, King and people, for the liberation of France, and pointed out that Morocco’s unflinching commitment to the Allies had tied Moroccan and French soldiers as brothers in arms.

“In these difficult times when many countries are facing terrorism threats and identical turn among some communities, the duty of memory is essential for our generations as it is essential to give landmarks and meaning to mounting generations”, Moroccan ambassador to France, Chakib Benmoussa, had said at the conference.

The commemoration of events, places and monuments, and the collective duty to remember are a recognition of the commitment of these men who sacrificed their lives to make triumph the shared values of freedom, democracy, justice, peace, tolerance, the Moroccan diplomat had said.

“A unique bond unites us. It has been forged through our common history, assumed in its many dimensions, from yesterday’s protectorate to today’s partnership. But it is much more than a legacy, it is a reality that is built daily and a promise for the future,” said Director General of the Observatory of Geopolitical Studies (OEG), Charles Saint-Prot who took part in the conference.

To Mark the 100th anniversary of the Armistice Day, a chance to raise awareness of the threats to world security, Paris is also hosting this November 11 a World Peace Forum.

The event “will offer the opportunity to reflect on world governance while we commemorate the end of World War I and recognize our collective responsibility,” said President Emmanuel Macron.

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