No Resignation after Deadly Train Derailment in Morocco

No Resignation after Deadly Train Derailment in Morocco

Pressure is mounting on social media on the government to identify the causes of the train derailment that took place last Tuesday causing 7 deaths and 125 injuries. So far, no one resigned on the backdrop of the accident.

Some MPs criticized Morocco’s rail operator (ONCF) and held it responsible for the accident that took place in the town of Bouknadel some 20 km north of Rabat.

They denounced what they described as a negligence of ONCF in protecting the lives of Moroccans saying that the railway operator uses old trains.

They also called on the authorities in charge to ensure that the officials in charge are brought before justice.

For his part, minister for transport and logistics, Abdelkader Amara, defended ONCF saying that a meeting will be held at the parliament to unveil details relating to the accident.

He said no one should accuse ONCF as an investigation is ongoing, adding that whoever fell short of fulfilling his or her duty will be punished.

The Public Prosecutor at the Rabat Appeal Court has announced the opening of a judicial inquiry to shed light on the causes and circumstances of the accident.

The train runs on a busy line between Kenitra and Casablanca where many people commute daily to their work or schools.

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