Morocco Sends Humanitarian Aid to Gaza

Morocco Sends Humanitarian Aid to Gaza

Morocco dispatched three airplanes loaded with 1.8 tons of aid to the besieged Palestinians in the Gaza strip, Morocco’s news agency MAP reported.

The humanitarian aid, sent upon orders of King Mohammed VI, will be channeled to Gazans through Rafah crossing in Egypt.

The shipment, which includes medical equipment and supplies, will help meet the needs of the field hospital set up by the Royal Armed Forces in Gaza last May.

The hospital was established after the tragic events that took place in the Palestinian territory, leaving hundreds of injured.

The hospital has various specialties including general medicine, dentistry, emergency medicine, cardiology, ophthalmology, ENT, gynecology-obstetrics, trauma, pediatrics and radiology.

After the US declared Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, clashes erupted between Palestinians and Israeli forces leaving many injured especially in Gaza.

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