Migration: European Commission Hails Cooperation with Morocco

Migration: European Commission Hails Cooperation with Morocco

The European Commission has once again stressed the importance of cooperation with Morocco in the areas of migration and security.

“The European Union and Morocco are in regular contact to strengthen their cooperation on migration and security,” said EU Commissioner for Migration Dimitris Avramopoulos, in response to a question on Europe’s border security European posed by a member of the European Parliament

The European Commissioner also highlighted the quality of cooperation between Morocco and Spain in these areas.

“Spain and Morocco are cooperating continuously and closely in the area of border control with the aim of reducing the number of illegal crossings and the risk of potential terrorist infiltration,” said the EU commissioner.

As part of Morocco’s fight against all forms of organized crime, Moroccan security services thwarted in 2018 more than 54,000 illegal migration attempts, dismantled 74 human trafficking networks, seized 1,900 boats and brought before justice 260 traffickers, spokesman for the Moroccan Government Mustapha Khalfi disclosed in a recent briefing in Rabat.

Morocco and Spain are also cooperating closely in the struggle against terrorism and have jointly dismantled several terror cells operating in the two countries.

Dimitris Avramopoulos said the European Border and Coast Guard Agency is also coordinating the joint Indalo operation, which conducts constant surveillance and patrols in the Mediterranean and thus helps to prevent irregular emigration and cross-border crime.

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