Marrakech Reinvents itself to Attract more Tourists- New York Times

As more wealthy tourists flock to Morocco, Marrakesh is reinventing itself with luxury hotels and resorts to attract its share, wrote the New York Times in an article on the new attractions of Morocco’s main tourist hub.

Marrakech with its centuries-old medina and distinctive charm is lately experiencing the building of a flurry of luxury hotels and resorts to accommodate a growing wave of tourists, said the writer of the article Aili McConnon.

McConnon drew attention to Marrakech becoming a destination for world stars such as Madonna, who celebrated her 60th birthday in the city this summer.

“As more visitors come to Morocco, Marrakesh is reinventing itself to lure its share of tourists, who stay an average of three nights,” the writer said, noting that new high-end resorts and hotels are starting to offer much more than just luxury lodging to encourage people to stay longer.

Among the flagship projects currently underway, McConnon mentioned that “the Ritz-Carlton hotel is slated to open in 2022, and a Park Hyatt hotel is being built amid a $450 million urban golf and retail complex known as Marrakech Golf City, set to open in 2024.”

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