A Moroccan Woman to Revamp Vocational Training

A Moroccan Woman to Revamp Vocational Training

After a King’s speech identified the mismatch between training and education as one of the factors worsening unemployment, Loubna Tricha has been tasked with revamping the country’s vocational training to make it release graduates with skills that fit into job market needs.

Loubna Tricha, who has worked with the senior management of Morocco’s state-owned phophates company OCP, will have the main duty of reviewing the specialties of vocational training institution (OFPPT) to make it adaptable to the requirements of the job market and conducive to job creation.

In his speech on the 65th anniversary of the Revolution of the King and the People, the King called for giving priority to specialties, which create jobs and develop an effective means of giving students career guidance two or three years before the baccalaureate to help them choose between academic studies and vocational training, depending on their abilities and personal preference.

He also urged the government to “carry out a thorough review of vocational training programs to align them with the needs of businesses and the public sector, and to make sure they are adapted to changes in industry and trades in general, thereby increasing the chances of graduates to access professional life.”

Besides, “further attention therefore needs to be given to vocational training at all levels, and to creating a new generation of centers for the vocational training of young people, keeping in mind current needs as well as the particularities and expectations of each region,” the King said.

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