Holy See Denounces Use of Children by Polisario for Political Propaganda

Holy See Denounces Use of Children by Polisario for Political Propaganda

The representation of the Vatican in Morocco strongly denounced in a statement the political use by the Polisario of the children of the Tindouf camps.

The Tindouf camps in the Algerian territories are home to Saharans who are held against their will in harsh conditions as the separatists continue to trade in their suffering denying them the right to freely return to their homeland Morocco or chose asylum elsewhere.

The Vatican’s statement came after a picture portraying the Pope and children from the Tindouf camps to whom separatists gave flags of the self-proclaimed SADR republic that Algeria wants to create in Southern Morocco through its proxy, the Polisario, in a bid to contain the North African Kingdom.

The Vatican’s response to the propaganda relayed on the separatist front’s media, funded by Algeria, was swift and clear-cut. The Holy See’s statement made it clear that the Pope met the children just as he would meet any other pilgrims from around the globe.

The meeting is of “pastoral nation and has no political connotation,” the Vatican said through its representation in Morocco.

The Polisario has been for long lambasted by international rights organizations for indoctrinating children. The Algeria-backed separatists have also separated children from their families to be sent for communist military training in Cuba since the 1970s.

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