Nuclear Accord: Iran Supreme leader tells citizens not to worry in wake of US sanctions

Iran’s Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in a message on his official website Wednesday called on Iranians not to worry after the U.S. re-imposed economic sanctions on the Islamic Republic as pressure aimed at forcing authorities in Teheran to renegotiate a new nuclear deal that suits the US terms.
“With regard to our situation do not be worried at all. Nobody can do anything,” the message posted on his website read.
The message, Reuters reports, dates back to several weeks but was only published Wednesday, one day after US sanctions.
US President Donald Trump Monday signed an executive order directing new sanctions against Iran in line with his pledge to get from the Islamic Republic a new deal of the 2015 nuclear deal signed between world powers and Tehran. Trump said the sanctions were the most biting ever imposed on Iran.
The sanctions analysts say are in fact those in place before the Obama-era multinational nuclear deal which guarantee a gradual lifting of economic sanction for Iran’s commitment to end its nuclear enrichment program.
The Trump administration hopes through the sanctions to stoke domestic pressure on Iranian authorities that will force them to come back to the negotiation table.
The threats of sanctions have scared companies, mostly European companies to pull out from Iran after Trump indicated that companies have to choose either the Islamic Republic or the U.S.
Experts believe Trump has over exaggerated with the sanctions as they argue that there is a relative calm across Iran as opposed to claims by Trump’s top Security Advisor, John Bolton who boasted that Iran’s leaders were already “on very shaky ground” after days of protests across the country against high prices and the lack of political reform”, Israeli media Times of Israel reports.
“Western observers are often quick to erroneously assume that localized demonstrations… are wholesale rejections of the Islamic republic,” Henry Rome of the Eurasia Group in a briefing note, according to the media.
“Despite a rise in public protests, the regime does not yet face an existential threat. The security forces are brutal, efficient, and loyal.”
The Experts also said the sanctions have made new friends for Iran as the European Union (UE) distances its from the Trump administration. The UE is poised to provide a shield to its companies operating in Iran.
As the U.S. looks to target Iran’s oil export in a new a wave of sanctions on November 5, China, India and Turkey have stressed that they would not cut their purchase of the Iranian oil. The EU has also stated that it will not abide by the decision.
Withdrawal of European firms, experts say, will not much affect the Iranian economy as Beijing and Moscow, both also signatories of the accord have pledged to continue trading with Iran.

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