King Calls for a Bold, Ambitious Approach to Promote Pre-school Education

King Calls for a Bold, Ambitious Approach to Promote Pre-school Education

King Mohammed VI has called for the adoption of a bold, ambitious approach to promote pre-school education in Morocco as part of the reform of education, training and scientific research.

In a message to participants in the “National Day on Early Childhood Education” held Wednesday, King Mohammed VI stressed the need to ensure the success of this reform, particularly with regard to improving children’s access to early childhood education, given the positive implications of pre-school education for the individual, the family and the community.

“As regards this crucial reform project, I believe a bold, ambitious approach should be adopted, putting public interest above all other considerations. With as much importance attached to the quantitative as to the qualitative aspects, this integrated approach should contribute to offering quality pre-school education to every child,” the Monarch said.

Pre-school education, he went on to say, not only enables children to exercise their right to good education by upholding the principle of equal opportunity, it also helps ensure the optimal use of human resources, the King said, deeming it most urgent to enhance the performance of Moroccan schools.

The Monarch commended the Higher Council for Education, Training and Scientific Research for concluding that early childhood education is the basis on which to build a new Moroccan school system and for pointing out that it is an essential frame of reference for universal, quality early childhood education.

King Mohammed VI recalled that the education reform is itself part of the 2015-2030 strategic vision, which aims to set up a new school system, “a system based on quality, fairness, equality, personal advancement and community development”.

To rise to the challenge of reforming the education system, early childhood education must be made compulsory for the State and the family, as per the law. It should also be incorporated gradually in the compulsory education system, within the framework of an overall, integrated education policy, he insisted.

Furthermore, legal and regulatory texts governing this type of education should be adopted using a modern vision. This major, national project requires the extensive, responsible involvement of all the stakeholders concerned in order to rise successfully to the challenge and achieve the set objectives within the timeframe prescribed, the King went on to say.

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