UN Compact for Migration, Victory for ‘Multilateralism’- Moroccan Ambassador

UN Compact for Migration, Victory for ‘Multilateralism’- Moroccan Ambassador

The adoption of the global compact for migration is a victory for the world and for multilateralism, Morocco’s permanent representative at the UN, Omar Hilale told American Television Network (ATN).

“It’s a historic day for the United Nations, for the world and for multilateralism,” Omar Hilale said after the UN General Assembly approved the UN Global Compact for Migration on Friday.

He said the non-binding compact “will give the member nations tools and regulations to face the topic of migration all over the world.”

The negotiations leading to the Compact were marked by “courage, flexibility, and realism,” he said, adding that the member nations “agreed about something that we never agreed on before.”

He said this draft agreement will be formally adopted at an international conference in December in Marrakech as a “beginning of a new process, not the end of it.”

For Morocco, “any unilateral or bilateral solutions will not be productive” facing migration’s issues. “It can work for some weeks or for some months, but the problem will stay the same,” Hilale said.

“We are the voice of Africa,” Ambassador Hilale told American Television Network, recalling that “Morocco has taken courageous steps for legalizing the position of thousands of Sub-Saharan migrants”.

“Today, we are the only country which gave a chance to 80.000 Sub-Saharans”.

The Intergovernmental Conference of December “will be the occasion to reiterate our approach to migration, calling on realism, flexibility, and global vision,” the Moroccan diplomat underscored.

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