Terrorists Kill Six Tunisian soldiers on Algerian Border

Terrorists Kill Six Tunisian soldiers on Algerian Border

Terrorism has struck Tunisia again after an attack took the lives of six Tunisian soldiers on the border with Algeria.

The Interior ministry said the soldiers were ambushed through the use of a mine while patrolling in the Jendouba province near Tunisia’s border with Algeria.

The terrorists “opened fire” after the mine exploded, killing six Tunisian members of the national border guard.

Tunisian security forces have been battling terrorist groups in the mountains on the Algerian borders since the 2011 revolution.

Terrorist groups are taking advantage of the Libyan mayhem and alliances with Algerian terrorist organizations to undermine Tunisia’s stability.

In 2016, the local chapter of the Islamic State of the Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, also known as ISIS) attacked military and security posts in the eastern town of Ben Guerdane near Libya, killing 12 soldiers and seven civilians.

Two of the attacks in 2015 were against tourists, the first at a museum in Tunis and the second on a beach in Sousse. The attacks were claimed by ISIS.

Terrorist attacks have undermined the attractiveness of Tunisia as a tourist destination but the sector is gradually recovering.

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