Morocco, Mauritania Break Ice

Morocco, Mauritania Break Ice

Morocco and Mauritania are showing willingness to start a new page after undergoing a silent storm on the backdrop of Nouakchott’s ambiguous stands on the Sahara issue.

A sign of the new rapprochement was expressed at the reception by Mauritania’s President Mohamed Ould Abdelaziz of Morocco’s new ambassador to Nouakchott Hamid Chabar who presented his credence letters.

The President and the Ambassador discussed prospects for strengthening relations between the two neighboring countries.

In December 2017, Mauritania appointed Mohamed Lemine Ould Aboy new ambassador to Morocco, filling thus a position that has been vacant since 2012.

Mauritania is key in Morocco’s African policy as the Kingdom has stepped up its economic ties with Africa.

The gas pipeline launched by Morocco and Nigeria will require a common ground between all passage countries in West Africa including Mauritania. All the West African countries are set to benefit from the project notably in terms of boosting energy security.

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