Over 37 bln DH Allocated to Morocco’s Human Development Initiative

As it celebrates its 13th anniversary, the Moroccan human development initiative (INDH) has earmarked 37 billion dirhams to projects across the kingdom benefiting 10.4 million people.

The initiative, spearheaded by King Mohammed VI, funded projects including 9359 revenue generating activities in an effort to enhance the living conditions of the poor and promote economic and social integration.

Other projects covered by the initiative include vocational training, electrification and education. The INDH helped acquire 1265 school transportation means for 282,779 students notably in rural areas as well as upgrade 1618 schools and the completion of 1356 boarding schools.

The initiative was first launched in May 2005, with the goal of improving living conditions of the poor in urban and rural areas, encouraging the creation of revenue generating activities.

The initiative also assists the government in improving inclusiveness, accountability and transparency of decision making and implementation processes at the local level in order to enhance use of social and economic infrastructure and services by poor and vulnerable groups

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