UN Security Council Condemns Polisario’s Provocations in Buffer Strip

UN Security Council Condemns Polisario’s Provocations in Buffer Strip

The UN Security Council has strongly condemned the recent Polisario’s provocations including its plans to set up administrative facilities in Bir Lahlou, east of Moroccan-built security wall.

The Security Council, which adopted resolution 2414 renewing the mandate of the UN mission in Sahara until October 31, expresses “concern with the presence of the Polisario Front in the buffer strip in Guerguarat and calls for its immediate withdrawal.”

The Resolution also condemns “the Polisario Front’s announcement of the planned relocation of administrative functions to Bir Lahlou,” an action, which amounts to “destabilizing actions” it said.

The Security Council was also firm in blaming the Polisairo for these actions and stressed the need for a full respect of the military agreements reached with MINURSO.

On the other hand, the council commended “the measured response of Morocco to most recent concerns regarding the buffer strip.”

The resolution also rebuked the Polisario for hindering the MINURSO from carrying out its ceasefire-monitoring task. This came after Polisario militiamen stopped a MINURSO patrol east of the berm after firing warning shots.

The resolution was adopted with 12 votes for and three abstentions.

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