Triple Election for Morocco at UN bodies

Triple Election for Morocco at UN bodies

Morocco continues to foster its foothold at UN agencies with a recent triple election by the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) to three important bodies.

Morocco was elected to the executive Boards of UN-Women, UNICEF and the Commission for social development.

This election is reflective of Morocco’s clout at international bodies thanks to the credibility it enjoys among UN member states.

Morocco’s foreign and domestic policies have also earned it the respect and appreciation of the international community, further bolstering its position in elections to UN agencies.

The progress made by the Kingdom at the level of human development, women’s rights and children’s right was also taken into account in such an election.

Morocco will serve as a member of the executive board of UN-women and member of the UNICEF Board for three-year terms starting January 1st, 2019.
Regarding the Commission for Social Development, Morocco will serve a four-year term. Created in 1946, this important body has been in charge, since 1995, of following up and implementing the Copenhagen Declaration and Program of Action. It is composed of 46 members who examine each year themes related to social development.

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