Libya: Haftar Reportedly Rushed to French Hospital in Critical Condition

Libya: Haftar Reportedly Rushed to French Hospital in Critical Condition

Marshal Khalifa Haftar, the powerful warlord in eastern Libya, has been admitted to hospital in Paris, reportedly in critical condition.

According to several Libyan and French sources, he suffered a stroke and was evacuated to France via Jordan. He arrived in France Tuesday in coma following the stroke.

According to Libya Express that relayed French Le Monde, the former close aid of late leader Muammar Gaddafi has been admitted in the Paris military hospital of Val De Grace for treatment of an alleged cerebral bleed following a stroke.

The Field Marshal, aligned with the country’s internationally recognized parliament; the House of Representatives (HoR), was reportedly first flown to Jordan before being sent to the French capital.

While the information is denied by some of his relatives and by his spokesperson, Ahmed Al-Mismari, who claim he is in Jordan for political negotiations, other people close to him have reportedly confirmed the information, stressing that his health is stable.
It must be said that the health of this strong man of post-Gaddafi Libya is a political and military issue in his country.

Speculations about Haftar’s health come as the country inches towards elections for the first time since 2014. The UN has advanced a political roadmap with climax being the elections scheduled for later this year.

The commander of the self-imposed Libyan National Army (LNA), which is opposed to the UN-backed Presidential Council and its affiliated Government of National Accord, had hinted he would be a candidate.

The 75-year old warlord has positioned himself as a major ally in the fight against terrorism.

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